Reap the Benefits of Contrast Bath Therapy: A Guide


When it comes to hydrotherapy, the benefits of warm water are widely known for their stress-relieving, pain-soothing, and circulation-improving effects. But have you considered the advantages of cold water therapy? The fusion of warm and cold water submersion introduces a new level of benefits that might surprise you. Contrast bath therapy, an ancient practice dating back to civilizations like Greece and Rome, offers a unique approach to harnessing the power of hydrotherapy. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of contrast therapy and guide you through the process of incorporating it into your routine.

Benefits of Contrast Therapy

Before diving into contrast bath therapy, it’s essential to consult a medical professional, especially if you have underlying health conditions. The benefits of contrast therapy are so widely known there are endless articles sharing the research. With one simple Google search you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the support backing the science. Now let’s dive into it.

How To Practice Contrast Bath Therapy

Remember, the guidance provided here is general, and it’s crucial to adapt the routine to your specific needs and health conditions. Here’s a basic outline to get you started:

  1. Gather your supplies: You’ll need access to warm water (between 95-104°F) and cold water (between 50-59°F). Fantasy Spas are built with high insulation to keep your water temperature at the perfect setting over time. They also come with the 110v plug-in and space-saving design to fit into almost any space.
  2. Warm Water Immersion: Begin by immersing yourself in your Fantasy spa for about 1-3 minutes. Take advantage of those built-in jets to soothe areas of soreness.
  3. Cold Water Transition: Swiftly move to the cold water and immerse yourself for about 1 minute. The temperature difference between warm and cold water is crucial to the effectiveness of contrast therapy.
  4. Repeat: Alternate between your Fantasy spa and cold water immersions for up to 20 minutes. Remember to listen to your body and adjust the timing based on your comfort level.
  5. End with Warm Water: Conclude your contrast bath therapy session in your Fantasy spa. This helps prevent sudden temperature changes that might strain your body. With the zen-like sound of the waterfall and calming lights, this will be the perfect way to take any stresses away.


Contrast bath therapy is an age-old practice that continues to demonstrate its potential benefits in modern times. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle soreness, injury recovery, improved circulation, or even mental health benefits, this unique hydrotherapy technique could be a valuable addition to your wellness routine. However, always prioritize your health and consult a medical professional before starting any new therapy. As you embrace the invigorating contrast of a Fantasy spa and cold water, you’re tapping into a tradition that spans centuries, promoting well-being from the inside out.

Shop our lightweight and portable spas to start your contrast therapy journey today!

5 Steps To Get The Sleep You Deserve

5 Steps To Get The Sleep You Deserve

Getting enough quality sleep can be challenging in our our fast-paced, tech driven world. Often times it seems as though there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done, and once bedtime rolls around it can be difficult to unwind. However, sleep is one of the most important ways to support healthy brain function and maintain physical health.  If you have been struggling to fall and stay asleep, try these tips.

Soak before bed

If it’s tough to fall asleep at the end of a full day, a nice soak in a hot tub or bath can be the perfect way to relax your body and mind. Try setting a calming environment by dimming the external lights, setting the jets to a comforting level, or lighting a candle. Turning on the fountain in your hot tub can offer a tranquil experience similar to the sounds of a Zen garden. After about 20 minutes in this environment, it’s likely you’ll be ready to melt into your pillow.


Avoid screens 1 hour before bed

Let’s be honest, most of us have a favorite show to stream or enjoy scrolling through social media to unwind from the day. It’s a great way to forget any lingering stresses.  Sometimes the blue light from those screens prevents our brains from actually shutting down, making it difficult to fall asleep. Try reading a book instead of watching screens, or if you must indulge in pre-bed screentime, invest in blue light blocking glasses and wear them while you watch.


Set your circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. In other words, your body and mind respond to the natural rhythm of light and dark throughout the day. Setting a regular bedtime and waking time will help your routine. In addition, if you allow your eyes to be exposed to natural sunlight within the first 20 minutes of waking up it can help your rhythm.  Learn more about how to time light, food, & exercise for better sleep by Dr. Andrew Huberman here:


Create a good sleeping environment

Improving your quality of sleep can be as simple as setting a comfortable, cool temperature in your bedroom or investing in some black out curtains to make it extra dark. You can try putting on some white noise as well.


Drink a calming tea before bed

Sometimes a soothing tea or calming supplement can hit the spot when it comes to settling before bed. Avoiding alcohol before bed can help improve your quality of sleep as well.

These are just a few suggestions to help you find the quality sleep needed to maximize wellness in your life. Looking to take your sleep habits to that next level? Your local Freeflow Spas dealer is your “wellness consultant,” helping to connect you with the correct spa for your needs. Request pricing from your local dealer to start your wellness journey here.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fantasy Spa Hot Tub This Winter Season

The winter months bring shorter days, colder temperatures, holiday festivities, and extra busy schedules. Spending time in your hot tub can be the perfect way to de-stress, create new memories and keep warm. Follow these tips on how to get the most out of your hot tub this winter.

1. Update your soaking sanctuary.

Fantasy Spas come fully equipped with LED lighting, sleek colorways, and a serene waterfall on most models. The mood for relaxation is already set; however, if you want to take your soaking sanctuary to the next level, here are a few items you can invest in.

– String lights to hang overhead.

– Waterproof speaker to play your favorite music or meditation.

– Non-slip grip mats and slippers to stay safe around those icy patches.

– Extra warm robes

– Outdoor heater

2. Stay active with muscle recovery.

What better way to finish a day of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even household chores than to rejuvenate your body in a warm water oasis?. Our Entice® Sport and Premier models come with a comfortable lounge seat offering jets in all the right places, especially on the lower back and calves. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and while hot tubbing with your favorite electrolyte enhanced beverage.

 3. Take advantage of the evening hours, disconnect from your devices to reconnect.

Schedule a time with yourself or a loved one to unplug from your device and practice presence. When schedules get busy and the days get shorter, enjoying your hot tub while under the stars can be a magical experience.

4. Entertain holiday guests with a splash.

Invest in an extra set of robes, towels, or festive drinkware to provide the ultimate holiday gathering entertainment. When close family or friends come over, tell them to bring a suit! You’ll be sure to make new memories that will last.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your hot tub this winter we hope you take time to relax and unwind while enjoying each other’s company.


If you’re looking for a way to create new memories this winter, invest in a Fantasy Spa for as low as $3,999. Visit your local Fantasy Spa dealer or request pricing below:


Hot Tub Safety Tips

Purchasing a spa is exciting for the whole family! Fantasy spas require minimal setup and maintenance, leaving more time for you to enjoy the befits of hot tubbing while keeping safety in mind.

Whether you will be using your spa solo or with friends and family, there are some very important safety tips to follow.

The Difference Between 110v and 220/230v Hot Tubs

Hot tubs come in many different shapes and sizes with endless accessories, features, and options. While waterfalls and underwater lighting are certainly fun, the most important difference to consider is the electrical configuration.

When shopping around for a hot tub, you may notice models with different electrical configurations, 110V and 220/230V. 110v spas are typically referred to as “Plug and Play,” or “Plug-N-Play,” while 220v/230v spas require custom wiring to draw power from your house.

So, what are the differences? Is there a benefit to one over the other? Let’s break it down below.


Stargaze From Your Hot Tub: End of 2021’s Astronomy Events

The crisp air has arrived and relaxing in your hot tub on a more routine basis just became significantly more appealing. One of the best things to do while taking a dip is to gaze up at the night sky. Teach your kids about the solar system by pointing out constellations or challenging each other to spot a shooting star. Whether it’s a full moon, meteor shower, or total eclipse, the sky is always putting on a show for us. You can witness it from your very own backyard – no trip to a remote desert or mountain top required!

7 Years of Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Counting!

Spas for a Cause™ Celebrates 7 Years Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October means a lot to us here at Fantasy Spas. For the last 7 years, we’ve raised more than $100,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness! Our goal, to harness the power of warm water and bring people together for comfort and support, has turned into a movement with our Fantasy Spas family!



It’s Friday night, and you’re supposed to meet friends at that new restaurant in town. But it’s half an hour away, you’ll probably have to parallel park, and Carol is bringing her weird friend again. The couch is calling your name and all your video streaming services are ready to be browsed. So, you decide to stay home, and feel oh-so-relieved with your decision.

The Benefits & Easy Steps to Shopping Local for a Hot Tub

As you may know at this point in your search for a perfect tub, Fantasy spas are exclusively sold through a vast network of local hot tub dealerships. This means that we make spas for dealers who then sell them to their community. Your local dealers have vast knowledge their brands and the community. The purchase process is simple, and often includes lots of perks that buyers would not experience with an online purchase.

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Spa

Hot tubs are a symbol of luxury, something you find in a hotel, spa, or gym, and having one of your own comes with many lifestyle benefits like turning your backyard into a private oasis that you can enjoy whenever you want. Keep reading to discover our top 5 reasons why you need to own a spa.

How to Hot Tub in the Summer (and Stay Cool)

Summer is here! But… can you hot tub all year round, even in the heat?

Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

Summer is almost here and things are kicking back into gear. You might be more on-the-go this season and in need of a few go-to snacks that won’t break the bank (or the scale)! Whether you’re on the road or in the comfort of your own home, here are 5 delicious and healthy snacks for your summertime plans:

How to Prepare Your Summer Spa

Warmer days are on their way! Backyard barbecues, Summer nights, and long-awaited vacations are just within reach. Is your spa clean, maintenanced, and ready for a season full of friends and family?

Here are our tips on preparing your perfect Summer spa.

3 Reasons to Buy a Round Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes, but which one is the best? While it’s up to personal preference, here are 3 reasons why we love a round hot tub.

Hot Tub Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Fact or fiction? There are tons of rumors about hot tubs and hot tub ownership out there. So, let’s bust three common hot tubs myths!

happily family in hot tub with hands in the air for springtime

5 Ways to Treat Yourself (Because You Deserve It)

We are well into 2021 and the doldrums of a cold Winter are clearing for warmer Spring weather and blooming flowers. Along with the changing of seasons comes a new you – take this time to transform your space and mind. Shake off the winter blues and enter this new time using any of these 5 easy ways to treat yourself, because you deserve it.

What Foundation Does My Spa Need?

So you’ve ordered your beautiful new spa and have some time to prepare. Where do you start? While cool accessories, new towels and bathing suits, and waterproof games are certainly important, your spa will need a prepared, proper foundation first. When planning a flat space for your new spa, there are a few important things to consider: usage, location, and foundation.

Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Date That’s Better Than Netflix

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you still don’t have plans? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a romantic date night that will make your loved one feel special and appear like it took you weeks to plan. All you need to do is clear your schedule for a few hours to set everything up and then sit back and enjoy some quality time with that special someone.

“Is It Something I Said?” How To Create Privacy From Neighbors

Hooray! You finally placed your brand-new hot tub in its designated spot, complete with a beautiful view. It’s unwrapped, filled with water, plugged in, and starting to heat up. Everything is perfectly in its place—warm string lights, fresh bathing suits, waterproof card games, and a firepit. It’s your new slice of heaven on earth!

That is, until you notice that Mr. and Mrs. Jones across the street have a front row seat to your soaking sessions 👀. While you may love your neighbors, you probably don’t want them watching you relax in your spa every night. Whether you rent or own, have a backyard, patio, or deck, there are several creative and cost-effective ways to jazz up your space while keeping wandering eyes at bay. Read our tips below on how to create privacy around your hot tub.

Top 8 Gifts for the Hot Tub Fanatic

Finding perfect, practical, and personalized gifts for your friends and family can be a daunting and expensive task. Luckily, if they have a hot tub, it’s easy to pick the perfect present! While warm bubbling water and powerful jets are great on their own, these accessories will take it to the next level!

What Do I Do With My Hot Tub In The Winter?

Our customers will be the first to tell you- Fantasy Spas can be used year-round, no matter what the climate is. Every spa has full foam insulation and includes a thermal locking cover that keeps the warm water in and unfriendly elements out. The spas are certified to the strict guidelines set forth by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and have different operating modes, which you can choose depending on your usage and schedule.

How to Use Your Hot Tub 365 Days a Year

No matter what kind of climate you live in, there are certainly ways to enjoy your hot tub more than just a couple of seasons per year. Most people think hot tubbing is just for cooler temperatures, but they’re missing out on 365 days of fun and memories! Let’s break it down by season.

6 Years of Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Counting!

Spas for a Cause™ Celebrates 6 Years Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October means a lot to us here at Fantasy Spas. For the last 6 years, we’ve raised more than $100,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness! Our goal, to harness the power of warm water and bring people together for comfort and support– has turned into a movement with our Fantasy Spas family!

overhead photo of a white and brown hot tub with happy family

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

As temperatures begin to cool from a scorching summer, budget-friendly backyard DIY projects are on the rise. Everyone is getting ready for chilly fall nights full of roaring bonfires and relaxing soaks in the hot tub, now’s the time to make your backyard as dreamy as ever.

Hot Tub Modes: Explained

Owning a Fantasy spa is both affordable and easy. It’s as simple as that. Each spa comes with 5 preset modes that you can access right from your control panel to help you keep your monthly energy costs low while still being able to enjoy the benefits of warm water. Swipe or click below to check out how each mode works to improve your hot tubbing experience.

Date Night on a Budget

Friday night is quickly approaching. It’s been a busy week at work, with late nights and early mornings. You and your significant other are in need of a date night, but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time going somewhere.

Here are four easy and affordable date night ideas you can do any night of the week, without too much planning…

1 man + 6 weeks + 20 mins = The Ultimate Hot Tubbing Challenge

When our newest teammate Andy joined the company and we learned that he wasn’t a hot tubber, we knew what we needed to do next…

Mini Tub, Major Fun

You know what they say—good things come in small packages! The Fantasy Aspire is a fantastic addition to any backyard but is especially great for homes with limited outdoor real estate.

When Moments Become Memories

Each day can feel like one long sprint from the time the alarm goes off until you go to sleep that night. You have to walk the dog, get the kids ready for school, get through a day at work, drive the kids to their extracurricular activities, make dinner, clean up, complete homework and get the kids ready for bed…All to rinse and repeat the next day. Whew. It’s exhausting thinking about it.

When do you have time to rest?

Spas for a Cause: 5 Years and Going Strong

Since 2014, we’ve raised more than $60,000 for National Breast Cancer Foundation and we have you to thank for turning our mission–using the power of warm water to bring people together for comfort and support–into a movement.

Spice Up Your Morning Routine

The morning routines of highly successful people are well documented. Having a routine for the first moments of your day sets you up for success throughout the rest of the day. Sometimes though, those routines need a tweak. Maybe you’re not seeing the productivity you once had, or maybe you need to mix it up to see if you can get better results. Well, there is no better way to shake up that morning routine and jump start your day than with a soak in a warm, relaxing hot tub.

Benefits of hot tubbing are far reaching, and when layered into your routine, can increase your health and well-being.

Science is on Your Side

Have you been contemplating a hot tub purchase but cannot justify it? Well, new research gives you all the ammunition you need for your next discussion–internal or with a family member–about taking the plunge into hot tub ownership.

No More Excuses

You love hot tubbing. In fact, it’s your favorite part about vacation. You seek out hotels with one so you and your family can enjoy some quality time and rest and relaxation.

As each vacation ends, you say to yourself that this is the year that you’re going to take the plunge (no pun intended) and buy a hot tub for your own house so that you and your family can experience the release and rejuvenation that can only come from a warm water soak. Yet each year, you come up with a list of excuses that keeps you from purchasing.

Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Intro to Health Benefits: 

Hydrotherapy has long been known to provide physical and mental health benefits of all kinds. The warm water helps relieve body aches and pains, ease mental stress, and improve overall well-being.

Over the course of history, many cultures have relied on natural hot springs, heated baths, and water therapy techniques alike to promote optimal health. Today’s spas use water and steam to relax and rejuvenate the body, athletes use ice baths and hot tubs to recuperate their muscles, and wellness centers use large bodies of water to improve mobility and fitness levels.

Winterizing Your Hot Tub

Believe it or not, the chilly winter season is actually one of the best times to enjoy soaking in your hot tub. When it’s freezing outside and you don’t want to leave the house, but the cabin fever sets in, taking a dip in your hot tub can be the perfect solution. After all, what’s better than hot water to warm your body up? If you’ve used your hot tub in winter before, then you know what I’m talking about!

Rotomolded Hot Tubs: What’s All The Hype?

When you picture a hot tub, what does it look like? A large tub made with heavy wood siding, fiberglass, and a marbled acrylic interior?  Is it so cumbersome that it even required a crane to get it into your backyard and now it’s been sitting in the same spot for years? Think again! Hot tubs have come a long way in the past decade. Traditional hot tubs with wood siding and acrylic interior still exist, but the manufacturing process has evolved offering an alternative option for hot tubbers to consider.

Battle Symptoms of Depression with Hot Tubbing

We all know that soaking in a hot tub is fun and relaxing, and it helps to unwind and destress after a long day. But the benefits of hot tubbing go far beyond relaxation. (Though relaxation is benefit enough to hot tub, in our humble opinion!)

Did you know that there are bona fide benefits to your mental well-being that can be found amongst the warm, bubbling water, too?

Check out our list of top ways hot tubbing can benefit your mental health.

What Exactly is Plug-N-Play?

If you’re doing research for your new hot tub, and we guess you might be because you are here checking out all the Fantasy Spas® options, you’ve probably come across the phrase “Plug-N-Play” before. But, what exactly does it mean?

5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Netflix® & Chill Weekend

Have your weekends become so repetitive that you end up doing the same things over and over? Do you crave something new but still want to recover from the week gone by so that you are fresh for the new week ahead? We can totally relate!

3 Quick Projects to Create your Backyard Oasis

Your backyard has so much potential! It should be the place you go to for peace, relaxation and fun. It also could be a place that your friends and family come to when they want a quick escape from the day-to-day grind. With just a little bit of DIY gumption, you can turn those “should” and “could” fantasies into reality with a backyard oasis that makes you the envy of the neighborhood and the most coveted invitation for all those family gatherings.

Guide to Hot Tub Placement in Any Setting

Thinking about getting a hot tub, but not sure where to put it? We’ve got a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing the perfect place for your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment.

10 Questions Every Hot Tub Novice Should Ask

Have you ever considered buying a hot tub for your backyard? Well, now is the time! Hot tubs have become more portable, affordable and easy-to-use, making them a great addition to any home.

3 Quick Ways to Turn Your Rental Into Your Oasis

As housing prices continue to rise, more Americans than ever before are turning to renting their homes instead of buying. Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a space with personal touches that truly makes it your escape from the world.

Here are three quick ways to add a touch of your own style to any rental without fear of losing that deposit.

Top 5 Sleepover Ideas Your Kids Will Go Nuts For!


For kids, sleepovers are a rite of passage. A hallmark of childhood. A time for late night giggles and shenanigans. But for parents, sleepovers consist of something else entirely.  Mainly trying to figure out how to entertain a houseful of strange children so they don’t completely trash your house, whine about being bored and then complain to their parents about how spending the night at your house was pretty much the worst ever.

But don’t worry, we won’t let that happen to you. Here are our top 5 sleepover games and activities that are sure to induce a frenzy of excitement and squeals of “This is the best sleepover EVER!!!”

Love Pink? We Have Something To Show You And it Also Supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

October is breast cancer awareness month and this year Fantasy® Spas turned the 110 volt, plug-n-play hot tub pink and partnered with National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC.® (NBCF) who helps provide women with early detection programs, education and support services.

The Hottest Spot to Watch The Big Game This Season

Sports fans are taking their team spirit to the next level with a hot tub in their favorite team color. Yep, you heard right.


By day I work 9-5, but as soon as I clock out I ditch the suit and tie for my lucky shirt and hat. My team needs me. My wife doesn’t really like sports and wants more “quality time.” So I bought a new hot tub, and you better believe “Game Time” is about to become “Quality Time.”

Top Rated Hot Tubs

Top Rated Hot Tubs

Looking for a hot tub?  Don’t buy one without reading this article!!

So you’ve decided to get a hot tub. Good for you!  You will soon be soaking and relaxing in style, and regretting every other day that you didn’t have a hot tub to call your own.

hot tub cost

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

When shopping for hot tubs, you will quickly find that there are several factors that can affect the final price of your dream spa.  And while we would love to provide you with some sort of online price calculator, the reality is that all pricing is set at the local market level.  Which means the best place for you to get pricing on specific models is your local retailer.