Sport Vs Premier

Sport Vs Premier

Sleek and sporty, or a touch of elegance? No matter your preference, every Fantasy spa is made to fit your lifestyle. Our sport series provides everything you need for a relaxing soak; Warm water, soothing jets, underwater lighting, and even built-in waterfalls. Our premier series provides all that the sport offers, with upgraded faux-wood siding, contoured head pillows, and exterior lighting.

✓ Rotationally-molded unibody shell

✓ Full foam insulation

✓ Multi-color underwater LED lighting

✓ Intuitive control panel

✓ Waterfall Feature

✓ Built-in cooler

✓ Rotationally-molded unibody shell

✓ Full foam insulation

✓ Multi-color underwater LED lighting

✓ Intuitive control panel

✓ Waterfall Feature

✓ Built-in cooler

✓ Faux-wood siding

✓ Exterior multi-color LED lighting

✓ Sculpted pillows

✓ Multiple color options

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