Tub Clubs

Your Exclusive Membership to Relaxation

Owning a Fantasy spa means being part of an exclusive Tub Club.  Whether you’re a family person, sports fanatic, traveler or homebody we have a club for you.  Curious about the clubs?  Go ahead and click on your favorite to see how Fantasy owners unwind.

A New Game Plan
for Game Days

By day I work 9-5, but as soon as I clock out I ditch the suit and tie for my lucky shirt and hat. My team needs me. My wife doesn’t really like sports and wants more “quality time.” So I bought a new hot tub, and you better believe “Game Time” is about to become “Quality Time.”

Quality Time

When your family steps into a Fantasy spa, it’s like being on an imaginary vacation. No matter how wild your imagination might be.

Turn back the clock

We just assumed that as we aged, there would be certain aches and pains we would just have to deal with. Boy were we wrong!

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