Journey to Relaxation Starts Here

Journey to Relaxation Starts Here

“We are very pleased. The water stays warm, even in cold weather, and the jets work fine for us. We have grandchildren, and they love it. They love coming to our house now! For them, it’s huge. As for cleaning it, we haven’t had any issues. It’s very easy. We are very good about keeping everything balanced. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a family sized hot tub and don’t want to invest a chunk of money, then this is a good choice.” – Entice® owner, Texas


“I have only had it for a week, so far I LOVE IT!! Perfect size for two and fits on our lanai and still have walk room. Happy Happy Hot Tubber!!” – Aspire® owner, Ohio

“My wife and I have had our Embrace hot tub for a year now and we absolutely love it. We enjoy our times together relaxing, talking while enjoying the soothing heat.” – Embrace® owner, Colorado

 “Our pre-school aged children LOVE it and so do my wife and I. Great for play and relaxation. Low maintenance and low power consumption from our unit is the icing on the cake!” – Splendor owner, Montana®

“We have had this spa for 3 yrs and are delighted with it in every way. It is mostly just the 2 of us using it, but the design gives us plenty of room to move around. It is very inexpensive to drain and refill with water – especially in water conserving CA where we live. The chemical costs are REALLY low and it has not been expensive to keep heated year around. It was the perfect choice.” – Drift® owner, California

What are you waiting for? Join our community of happy hot tubbers and get started on your journey to relaxation with Fantasy Spas!