Large lounge model with seating for 5, molded-in ice bucket, waterfall and raised cool-down seat.

Stretch out with friends or loved ones in the largest hot tub model in the Fantasy line up. With its comfortable layout featuring a deep sitting lounge and open bench seating its roomy enough to fit up to five adults.

This model also comes with a molded in ice bucket that will keep all of your drinks cool while you enjoy your soak. Kick up the ambiance a notch with the waterfall and multicolored LED light.

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  • Plug-N-Play

    Outlets can run, but they can’t hide! Find an outlet, plug it in, and fire up your Fantasy spa lickity split.

  • Portable

    Unibody, lightweight shell so you don’t even need 10 people to help you carry it on your next camping trip to Mt. Everest.

  • Energy Efficient

    Keep the temperature high, and the electric bill low with full foam insulation and a locking thermal cover.

Seating Capacity 5
Jets 27 with stainless steel trim
Dimensions L×W×H 7’2”×6’5”×33’
Gallons 235
Dry Weight 380
Available Colors Sand, Taupe, Espresso
Waterfeature Waterfall
Ozone Can be installed at time of purchase
Heater 1KW / 4KW
Pump 1.5 BHP, 2-Speed
Filter Size 50 ft²
Light Type Multi-color LED
Electrical Configuration 110 V Plug-N-Play includes GFCI power cord / 230 V Convertible
Shell & Colors Sand, Taupe, Espresso
Cabinet Type Rotationally Molded Shell & Cabinet
Cover Color Espresso or Gray
  • Cover Lifter

    Optional cover lifter makes it quick and easy for one person to remove the cover during use.

  • Steps

    Available in Sand, Taupe or Espresso to match your spa. Makes entering and exiting the spa safe and easy.

  • Ozone Kit

    All Fantasy Spas are Ozone ready, meaning all you need is the kit, and you’re one step closer to crystal clear water.

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Had spa for two years and it still works like the day I got. Jets work good water fall works well. Wife and I use it daily. Love it.


I like my spa. I have a few issues keeping the chemicals right (but that may be me) and it bubbles white, like the micro spas, but other than that, works great. Wish I had a cover lifter for it….a bit tough yourself.


Although I do no regret buying this hot tub, here are some things I wish I’d known before I bought it. #1 – If you use the hot tub when the outside air is cold, and you are wired for 110, it is impossible to keep the water warm if you use the air feature to increase the power of the jets. I don’t know if the same is true if you are wired for 220. Without the air, the jets are too weak for anything but moving water. #2 – Even without the air, it can be hard to keep the temperature up if you run the jets on high because the heater will NOT operate if you are on 110 and the jets are on high. I was told this by the seller, but it was not until I received the tub and read the owner’s manual that I discovered that the heater is 1000W with 110 and 4000W with 220, so not only can you not run the heater when jets are on high, the heater is simply less effective due to the reduced wattage. Had I known this, I would have wired for 220 (doing so now is very expensive because of where we located the tub, and moving the tub would also be very difficult and expensive). #3 – The lounger seat is too deep for everyone who has been in the tub so far, including my 6ft tall husband. Even if I try to sit down in it with the bottom of my face in the water, the float factor makes it uncomfortable. The only way to be somewhat comfortable is to sit on something to raise the area on which you sit, and I have not yet found anything that works well. #4 – The waterfall feature has no value in my opinion. Running it makes that water cooler because it’s passing through the air. You can’t sit under it, so why exactly is it there? If for sound, it doesn’t really overcome the sound of the pump running. Fortunately, you can turn it off.

My hope is that this tub will meet its stated quality standards and justify the expense of it vs other Plug-N-Play tubs. We do enjoy it, and since our primary goal was hot water, I must say it met that expectation as long as you aren’t tempted to use the jets.


We love our fantasy spa. perfect size for a family of four.
the price was great and its easy to maintain.

Jennifer Levan

love it. also like the 110V did not have to upgrade to 220V


I opted for the plug and play.. Jets were really weak.. Not enough power.. Our dealer got us a motor that is double the power and installed. I had to upgrade to 220 which costed another $800. Still not much power. The jet closest to the filter is a lot stronger than the rest. I wish they all worked like that one does. Any remedies? Is this how my spa is supposed to work? If I would have known that it was going to operate like it does, I wouldn’t have bought it.. The price was a good deal but if the jets are weak, is it really a good deal? I could have taken it back and received store credit but couldn’t afford another three grand to upgrade. So I feel like I’m stuck with something that I really didn’t want…

Timothy J Morris

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Hi Timothy, We're sorry to hear about your poor experience and would like to see if there is some way we could help. Please contact our customer service team at (888) 961-7727.

We love our Entice, it is big enough for us and our 2 kids. It is very durable and efficient, easy to clean and drain. It is the perfect size and we love it!


We recently purchased a Fantasy Spa. We love it! Was
very easy to set up. Highly recommend.


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