Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Date That’s Better Than Netflix

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you still don’t have plans? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a romantic date night that will make your loved one feel special and appear like it took you weeks to plan. All you need to do is clear your schedule for a few hours to set everything up and then sit back and enjoy some quality time with that special someone.

DIY Wine Tasting:

wine pouring into glass

Start the evening off in your kitchen with a DIY wine tasting that will awaken your taste buds and bring out your inner sommelier. For the tasting you’ll need to purchase several top rated wines and learn a thing or two about each one. As you pour the wine, walk your loved one through the type, flavor profile, and region it was produced in. You’ll discover new favorites, enjoy some classics, and maybe even get ideas for your next trip to visit the source.


The Main Course

Next stop on your date night is your dining room, otherwise known as your 5-star at-home restaurant. Set up a romantic dinner scene that will feel like you and your date stepped right into a rom-com by adding a red table runner, tall candles, and rose petals to your dining table.

Extra points for dimming the lights and playing your favorite Spotify channel as ambient noise. Then have food delivered from your favorite restaurant and lead your date over to your table set for two. Want to make it extra special? Ditch those comfy clothes and dress up in something fancy to really set the mood that you’re in a 5-star restaurant.


For the last stop of the night you’ll walk your date to the hottestcouple enjoying a hot tub date part of the house; the hot tub of course. (What were you thinking?) Place chocolate dipped strawberries on a tray next to the hot tub with glasses of poured champagne and toast to the best Valentine’s Day date you’ve had in years while relaxing the night away.




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