Date Night on a Budget

Friday night is quickly approaching. It’s been a busy week at work, with late nights and early mornings. You and your significant other are in need of a date night, but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time going somewhere.

Here are four easy and affordable date night ideas you can do any night of the week, without too much planning…

  1. Get active. No matter what your fitness level, getting your blood flowing after a long week will feel great. Find a hiking trail nearby, go on a sunset walk, Senior couple on leisurely bike ride at the 9 holes of golf, or take a ride on your bikes. These activities will not only improve your mental state, but you’ll also be able to talk and spend time together while doing something healthy for your body.
  2. Sunset picnic in the park or on the beach. If you’re like most of the world, you spend your workday cooped up inside for at least 8 hours. Use this date night to get outside and enjoy the area around you. Pack a basket filled with your favorite snacks, appetizers, and drinks of choice. Grab a comfortable blanket or towel to sit on. And don’t forget a jacket for sundown!Loving couple spending quality time in their Plug-N-Play 5-person Entice Premier spa.
  3. Fire up that hot tub in the backyard! Who doesn’t love 1-on-1 time in a private, warm, jet-filled spa? Set the ambiance by turning on the multi-color LED light and your favorite music (hopefully you can agree on a genre)! Enjoy your time together while decompressing and soaking in the warm, soothing water. The Fantasy Spas lineup offers 6 Plug-N-Play hot tubs, ranging in different sizes and shapes. You can choose to cuddle up in the 2-person Aspire or enjoy your own space in the 5-person Entice, just steps from your back door.
  4. Bake a dessert together. You may cook dinner together regularly, but how often do you try a newCouple in their kitchen cooking a delicious new dessert together.  dessert? Pick something you’d both enjoy and get your baking hats on! It could be as simple as an ice cream sundae, or you can take it to the next level with a homemade crème brulee. Having dessert will make it feel like less of a routine night. Indulge yourselves!

No matter what you decide to do, the most important part of a date night is that you get to be together without distractions. Make sure to put away all your electronics – yes, the TV, too. Use this opportunity together to talk and really spend time together alone. Those special nights you have with just each other can be rare, so take advantage and plan something a little different than your typical night.Young couple laughing and enjoying time together in their Plug-N-Play Entice Sport spa.

Interested in adding hot tubbing to your date night list, but don’t have one yet? You can buy a #1 in value spa today from your local retailer and be hot tubbing by tomorrow night for this ultimate at-home date night. Fill out your information below and your nearest Fantasy Spas dealer will help you get started in no time.

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