quality time, reinvented

When your family steps into a Fantasy spa, it’s like being on an imaginary vacation. No matter how wild your imagination might be.

My Name’s Emma, I’m Seven.

My parents just made a new baby sister so we moved into a new home with a backyard big enough for a hot tub. Mommy said it would be amazing when it arrived. It is except for my brother. He likes to act like a shark.

Family Sized Spas

It’s like our own private ocean and all 5 of us can play together. Tiffany discovered hidden treasure at the bottom and I can stand in the middle of the ocean.

Jets to Relax and to Escape

Sometimes my brother Troy dresses up like a shark and splashes me in the face. He’s a bully, but I can swim through the waves which help me escape the sharks.

Ice Buckets for Dad and Barbie

There’s a bay for Barbie because the ocean is too deep but Daddy keeps trying to put drinks in it. You can’t go swimming if you’re drinking or the sharks will get you, Daddy.

Quiet time for Mommy and Daddy

Sometimes mommy and daddy like to take their own beach vacations without us. I don’t know why. We’re awesome. But they seem really happy and relaxed when they get back, so it’s all good.

I love everything about our new hot tub.

Except for the sharks.