Every time you step into a Fantasy Spa, you move one step closer to winning big on game day.

Take The Action From
The Couch to The Outdoors

By day I work 9-5, but as soon as I clock out I ditch the suit and tie for my lucky shirt and hat. My team needs me. My wife doesn’t really like sports and wants more “quality time.” So I bought a new hot tub, and you better believe “Game Time” is about to become “Quality Time.”

Game Time is Quality Time
in a Fantasy Spa

Every weekend she invites her friends over and we grill in the sun. The neighbors love our slow cooked ribs and secret BBQ sauce. Our backyard has become the highlight of the house and the talk of the block.

Even our dog Riley loves to snuggle up on the steps and show her team spirit. If she's lucky, she gets some leftovers.

A Team Effort

I don’t know when the squirt gun fights became a tradition, but when the game ends it can get a little wild. This quality time stuff ain’t half bad.

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

She even watches the entire game because the losing team is on cleanup duty. Talk about a win win. Now if I could just get her to support my team...

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