What Do I Do With My Hot Tub In The Winter?

Our customers will be the first to tell you- Fantasy Spas can be used year-round, no matter what the climate is. Every spa has full foam insulation and includes a thermal locking cover that keeps the warm water in and unfriendly elements out. The spas are certified to the strict guidelines set forth by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and have different operating modes, which you can choose depending on your usage and schedule.

Wherever and however you like to use your hot tub, Fantasy Spas® has you covered.

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With all that being said, we know not everyone likes to stick around for the cold and icy winter season. If you don’t plan on using your hot tub throughout the winter months, then listen up: It’s time to winterize your spa.

Going through these steps properly will help protect your plumbing and avoid any damage to your spa when sitting unused in freezing temperatures.

Step 1: Turn off your spa

Before you do anything, turn off the spa by turning OFF the subpanel breaker. Then, unplug your spa from the outlet. We recommend coiling up the power cord and wrapping the plug in plastic for safe keeping. Without a working cord, you can’t hot tub!

If it is hardwired (i.e. if you converted your spa from 110v to 220v), shut off the spa’s power source.

Step 2: Drain and wipe down excess water

Open the drain spigot at the bottom of the spa and let the water flow out. Make sure to open all the adjustable jets and air valves, which will allow for better drainage. There will most likely be excess water in your spa, even if nothing is coming out of the drain. Do your best to remove the remaining water with a bucket and dry thoroughly with a towel.

Step 3: Release any remaining water from the equipment compartment

Open your equipment compartment, located under the control panel. Loosen up the heating element, pump housing, and the white, plastic unions that attach your heater and pump(s). Once loosened, let the water release and drain the excess water in the system.

Not sure where to find your equipment compartment? Click here!

Step 4: Close and dry the air valves

Close or turn off any air valves in your spa. In order to get your spa as dry as possible, use the blowing feature of a shop vacuum to blow air into the jets and filter opening. Spend a few seconds with each jet to properly dry the valve out. Remove your filter cartridge, floating weir, and basket, and leave them out until you are ready to use the spa again.

Step 5: Put your cover on and ensure power is off

You’ve done your due diligence in draining the spa and drying out the valves and jets throughout your Fantasy spa. When you feel like most of the water is out of the system and the shell is completely dried with a towel, place the thermal locking cover on your hot tub and secure it. If you haven’t already, close your equipment compartment and re-attach any screws or latches securely.

Once you’ve completed those 5 steps, you’re cleared to leave and travel to warmer, sunnier places!

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There you have it: You’ve winterized your spa. It’s as simple as turning your spa power off, clearing the water inside and out, and securing the spa to face the winter months.

You can rest easy all season knowing your spa is properly cared for and will be ready for you when it starts to warm up.

Questions? You can contact your local dealer here or fill out your information below.

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