Top 8 Gifts for the Hot Tub Fanatic

Finding perfect, practical, and personalized gifts for your friends and family can be a daunting and expensive task. Luckily, if they have a hot tub, it’s easy to pick the perfect present! While warm bubbling water and powerful jets are great on their own, these accessories will take it to the next level!

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From towel clips to handmade signs, we compiled a perfect list of Fantasy favorites for any hot tub enthusiast. (And don’t worry, you can get yourself these gifts, too! You deserve it.)

  • Towel hooks, racks, or clips

towel clips splendor

Getting out of hot tubs is the arguably the saddest part. Who wants to leave the steamy oasis and feel the chill in the air again? Depending on the set up of the spa and its surroundings, consider gifting towel hooks, a rack, or even big clips to hang towels off of chairs. Easy access to clean, dry towels is a very important feature for hot tubbers.


  • Plants & flowers

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Give the gift of décor so the hot tub enthusiast in your life can enjoy a refreshed, aesthetically pleasing space. Check out some hot tub landscaping ideas for inspiration! With just a few plants or flowers, fake or real, you can take an outdoor space to the next level and even increase privacy.


  • Floating Bluetooth speakers with lights

Get ready to be invited to all the hot tub parties when you give the gift of music and festive lighting like this. Just pair a device with the speakers wirelessly and play your best tunes while watching the lights do their thing.


  • Oil & grease sponges

Perhaps not the most exciting or romantic gift, but helpful for those who use their hot tubs a lot! Small, fun shaped sponges like these turtles float in the water to attract oils and grease that naturally shed from our bodies, helping keep the water crystal clear and clean. These bugs would be great in a hot tub gift package!


  • Absorbent rug

entice rug

Even the most experienced hot tubbers overlook the final step—getting out of the tub. Consider gifting them a super absorbent rug, to help them dry off faster and keep water from being tracked all over the house. Or, for an extra creative and earth-friendly person, you can make them this living bathmat!


  • Floating snack & drink trays

Unless you have a personal butler or robot tray table that delivers food and snacks directly to your hands in the hot tub, a floating tray is the perfect gift. They come in all shapes and sizes and float around the spa for everybody to enjoy. Plus, if you have a round tub with a whirlpool jet, the trays make a 360-degree rotation to everyone.


  • Soft, luxurious towels


For those who soak daily or even more than once per day, clean, dry towels are a must. There is nothing more unpleasant than “drying off” with a cold, damp towel from the night before. Search for some soft, luxurious towel sets to gift. If you know the person well, throw in some cool new swimsuits too. Slipping into a cold, wet suit is never a fun feeling– but often a problem for the avid soaker!


  • Handmade customized signs


For a personalized touch, give them a custom sign to hang in their hot tub space. There are several small businesses on Etsy that design custom signs, or, for a more special feel, make it yourself with materials from your local craft supply store!


Any hot tub lover is sure to enjoy these practical gifts. Grab a few (or all!) and make it into a spa-themed care package, and you’re sure to be invited for the next soak. The days of fuzzy socks and frustration are over—it’s time to get personal and give the gift of the ultimate hot tubbing experience!


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