Top 5 Reasons to Own a Spa

Hot tubs are a symbol of luxury, something you find in a hotel, spa, or gym, and having one of your own comes with many lifestyle benefits like turning your backyard into a private oasis that you can enjoy whenever you want. Keep reading to discover our top 5 reasons why you need to own a spa.

  1. Maintenance is easier than you think:

    While it would be nice to not worry about balancing your water, every hot tub requires some kind of upkeep. However, we’ve made it easy enough that maintenance should not deter you from hot tub ownership. Let’s dive into it! Weekly water balancing and cleaning the filter out 1x a month is the bulk of the work. In addition, you will also need to fully replace your water every 3-6 months (depending on usage). Doing these simple steps will keep your water woes at bay.

Pro Tip: Ask your local dealer about an ozonator, which works with the filtration system to naturally neutralize contaminants such as lotions, detergents, and organic waste.

  1. A purchase that just might improve your health:

    Sure, you splurge on a lot of things but what have those Jimmy Choo™’s ever done for you other than hurt your feet and give you blisters? A hot tub will be your very own private oasis and just might banish backaches, help you sleep like a baby, and give your joints some much needed relief. This is one large purchase you won’t regret and your whole family can get behind.

  1. Fun for the whole family:

    Kids are on the go 24/7, instead of breaking your back playing on the floor with them why not jump into a hot tub? You’ll enjoy the hydrotherapy, they’ll enjoy swimming and playing in the waterfall–it’s a win-win for everyone. Heck, they may even go down for their nap easier after a hot tub session.

PS: Hot tubs are perfectly safe for children if the temperature is turned down to 98 degrees or less and they are under adult supervision.


  1. Your after-work routine just got a lot more relaxing:

    Close your eyes and imagine after a long day in the office, coming home, taking a dip in warm water while listening to your favorite podcast, and feeling the hydrotherapy massage your muscles. Now open your eyes, this can be you. Hot tubs cost as little as $3,799 and local dealers offer financing for under $100/mo. Water you waiting for (pun intended)?

    Binge Worthy Podcasts We Recommend: Armchair Expert, Crime Junkie, and Very Presidential


  1. Converse without distraction:

    Remove screens and other interruptions from the mix and you’ll find the hot tub becomes a conduit for conversation. Instead of binging that new Netflix series why not exercise your social wellbeing by taking a dip with your favorite people. Play conversational games like “Two Truths and a Lie,” “Never Have I Ever,” “Would You Rather,” and more! Before you know it, your best conversations will naturally happen in the hot tub.


After reading our reasons why you should own a hot tub are you sold on one? We don’t blame ya! Fantasy Spas are sold worldwide through local dealers starting at $3,799. Find your local dealer or request pricing from yours today.

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