Science is on Your Side

Have you been contemplating a hot tub purchase but cannot justify it? Well, new research gives you all the ammunition you need for your next discussion–internal or with a family member–about taking the plunge into hot tub ownership.

Relaxation or a 30-minute walk? You’ve had the debate a million times–get off the couch to do some heart pumping exercise or continue binge watching that new show? Here’s a new twist to this age-old conundrum. What if you sit in your hot tub for 30 minutes to get your heart rate up while binge watching your favorite new show?

Research out of Loughborough University (UK) did a study that concluded men who sat in 104–107 degree water for 30 minutes yielded the same increase in body temperature and caloric burn as a 30-minute walk. Conveniently, Fantasy Spas® hot tubs heat up to 104 degrees for the perfect warm water soak. The study was limited, monitoring results from only 14 men, but it’s a promising statistic to have in your back pocket.

Need more scientific research on your side? The Sleep Medicine Reviews recently released findings of a study out of the University of Texas at Austin that soaking in warm water 1-2 hours prior to going to sleep actually lowers core body temperature, resulting in higher quality sleep. The lowering of the core body temperature is a process that naturally happens at night, encouraging your body to rest more easily. When the core temperature rises in the morning, your body reacts to its natural alarm clock. Best of all, the recommended soak time is as little as 10 minutes, meaning even the busiest of hot tubbers can find time for that evening soak. Especially if it means a better quality sleep!

Next time you are debating the benefits of buying a hot tub for your home, remember that science is on your side!

Take the plunge and visit your nearest Fantasy Spas dealership! Our experts are your best resource and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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