Rotomolded Hot Tubs: What’s All The Hype?

When you picture a hot tub, what does it look like? A large tub made with heavy wood siding, fiberglass, and a marbled acrylic interior?  Is it so cumbersome that it even required a crane to get it into your backyard and now it’s been sitting in the same spot for years? Think again! Hot tubs have come a long way in the past decade. Traditional hot tubs with wood siding and acrylic interior still exist, but the manufacturing process has evolved offering an alternative option for hot tubbers to consider.

When materials and weight are reduced, so is the product cost, making hot tub ownership more affordable than ever before. Fantasy Spas®, which are rotationally molded using a recyclable thermal plastic called polyethylene resin. The resin starts in the form of a powdered plastic and is poured inside a hot tub mold and heated to perfection. The mold is slowly rotated, causing the melted polyethylene material to stick to the walls of the heated mold. The mold continues to spin through a cooling process to make the walls thick and durable. The hot tub comes out of the mold in a single piece – the shell and cabinet are one!

Check out this video of a Fantasy Spa being made:



Rotationally molded, also known as rotomolded, spas are manufactured without fiberglass, wood and other fillers that make the spa heavy, difficult to move, and more expensive. In fact, they are made of the same material as your recycling bin and the shell of the hot tub can be recycled, which is better for our planet!

Rotomolded hot tubs are also lightweight, allowing big box retailers and local dealers to sell them as curbside delivery or cash-and-carry, saving you money on a costly delivery person.

What else makes these rotomolded hot tubs so popular amongst hot tubbers?

  • Price: Reduced material = reduced labor…This process makes the cost of these hot tubs much more affordable than acrylic hot tubs!
  • Durability: Rotomolded tubs are robust and can withstand wear and use for a long time, making them great for kids!
  • Portability: No fiberglass or wood means it is light and portable, so it can be easily moved around the backyard or the country – great for military families or renters!
  • Plug-N-Play: Most rotomolded spas are can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet, unlike most acrylic spas that require an electrician to install a 220v connection.

In other words, just fill it up, plug it in and enjoy!

Rotomolded spas offer the high quality and benefits you expect from your hot tub without the expensive cost or hassle and stress of not being able to move it. Sometimes they even come in awesome colors and designs, like PINK for breast cancer awareness month or Bronco blue for football season! This is all possible due to the flexibility of the manufacturing process.

Still not convinced a rotomolded spa is right for you? That’s ok! Most retailers sell both acrylic and rotomolded spas, offering something for all budgets!

Rotomolded hot tubs, like all Fantasy Spas models, offer all the luxury and benefits of a traditional hot tub at a fraction of the cost. Don’t sacrifice your dreams of owning a hot tub because you’re scared of the price tag! Stop by your local retailer to experience the joys of hot tubbing!

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