No More Excuses

You love hot tubbing. In fact, it’s your favorite part about vacation. You seek out hotels with one so you and your family can enjoy some quality time and rest and relaxation.

As each vacation ends, you say to yourself that this is the year that you’re going to take the plunge (no pun intended) and buy a hot tub for your own house so that you and your family can experience the release and rejuvenation that can only come from a warm water soak. Yet each year, you come up with a list of excuses that keeps you from purchasing.

We’ve heard your list of excuses, and we’ve got an answer for each one of them!

  • I don’t have the space at home for a hot tub. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from just 6’ long by 3’11” wide, all the way up to 7’3” long x 6’5” wide. In fact, the smallest model Fantasy Spas® offers is the Aspire®, which not only fits through a standard doorway, you can even bring it home from your local retailer that day on the back of a pickup truck or inside of a minivan.

Fantasy Spas Aspire fits on most balconies and decks.

  • I have the perfect spot, but it’s a weird shaped space. Fair enough. Not everyone has a spacious backyard or patio. That’s why Fantasy Spas offers all sizes AND shapes like the Embrace®, which is perfect for tight, corner spaces like a deck or balcony, or the Splendor® round hot tub, offering a corner-less option that can more easily fit into finite spaces.
  • I rent my property. Renters can (and should) hot tub, too! Fantasy Spas are rotomolded, making them super durable and lightweight. A few adults can easily handle moving the hot tub across a backyard or across town without the need for a professional spa mover, as you would with an acrylic spa.

Fantasy Spas Splendor's round shape makes it ideal for many spaces.

  • I rent my property and can’t make changes to the electrical set up. Every Fantasy Spas hot tub comes with Plug-n-Play technology standard, meaning you can plug it into a standard 110v outlet. No special wiring required. No changes to the set-up of your rental’s electrical necessary. Plus, it keeps energy costs low because it’s not drawing as much electricity as a 230v hot tub would.
  • Obviously, it’s too expensive for me to hot tub at home. That’s why I go on vacation. That used to be true, we’ll give you that! But, now you can buy a hot tub for as little as $100/month. That’s a small price to pay for a daily escape that can relax and rejuvenate you until that next vacation in some far-off locale, right? With Plug-N-Play technology that allows you to plug your hot tub into any standard 110v outlet, you can keep monthly energy costs low, too.

Are there more reasons you’ve held off on buying that hot tub that you know you want? Let us know! We’ve got a way to help you overcome that excuse, too.

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