Mini Tub, Major Fun

You know what they say—good things come in small packages! The Fantasy Aspire is a fantastic addition to any backyard but is especially great for homes with limited outdoor real estate.

The Aspire fits comfortably in small spaces like a screened-in porch, reinforced deck, unused corner, and so much more. With room for two adults, you can soak up the benefits of hydrotherapy without sacrificing your entire yard to own a hot tub. Whether you have a big yard that you want to keep open for your kids and/or dogs or only have a few feet to spare, an Aspire will compliment any space.

Hot tub time should always follow a full day of skiing. Relax your muscles and lay back in the 2-person Aspire.

It’s the perfect tub for you and your significant other to spend time together, whether it be early in the morning, after work, or on the weekends. And you can be honest…sometimes, the best part of your day can be getting that 30 minutes of quiet time to decompress and relax on your own.

The Aspire is also perfect for second homeowners who want to enjoy the hot tubbing lifestyle while on vacation. You may not have time to use it in your primary residence, but it’s a must have when you’re spending time away from the day-to-day craziness.

Get your much-needed alone time in the Aspire by Fantasy Spas.

Did we mention they’re portable? The Aspire is 6′ x 3’11”, meaning it fits through any standard doorway and hallway. If you have an RV or like to travel, you CAN take it with you! There’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than from the comfort of your own hot tub.

The cold snowy weather won't stop you from enjoying yourself outside. Hot tub anytime in a Fantasy Spa.

The best part about the Aspire besides its small, versatile size may be the fact that it is Plug-N-Play. This means you don’t need any special wiring to run the hot tub. You simply fill it up with a garden hose, plug it into any 110-volt outlet, and enjoy!   Starting at just $3,099, water you waiting for? Aspire for greatness, jump on in and fill out your information below! Your local dealer can answer any questions you have, including financing options!Every Fantasy Spas comes with an intuitive digital control panel that controls the jets, temperature, and eco-friendly settings.

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