“Is It Something I Said?” How To Create Privacy From Neighbors

Hooray! You finally placed your brand-new hot tub in its designated spot, complete with a beautiful view. It’s unwrapped, filled with water, plugged in, and starting to heat up. Everything is perfectly in its place—warm string lights, fresh bathing suits, waterproof card games, and a firepit. It’s your new slice of heaven on earth!

That is, until you notice that Mr. and Mrs. Jones across the street have a front row seat to your soaking sessions 👀. While you may love your neighbors, you probably don’t want them watching you relax in your spa every night. Whether you rent or own, have a backyard, patio, or deck, there are several creative and cost-effective ways to jazz up your space while keeping wandering eyes at bay. Read our tips below on how to create privacy around your hot tub.


Fake Ivy

Individual strings of fake ivy give you the flexibility to get as much or as little coverage as you would like in any area. These can be hung or woven into a fence or trellis or strung up overhead to function as an ivy curtain. They are also easy to cut to your needed size. This is a fast, affordable, and trendy solution to cover up small to medium sized spaces around your spa.


Bamboo Walls

Another simple privacy solution is to unroll bamboo fencing either over your existing fence or creating a fence with a few wooden trellises to surround your spa. With trellises, you can also add wheels to the bottom so they can be moved around for blocking sun and wind.


Enclosed Cabana

For whole spa coverage and a cozy feeling, consider an enclosed cabana. Make sure you take correct measurements of your spa and factor in room for steps and any other furniture you may want inside the enclosure. Peel back the curtains to enjoy great weather or close them for more intimate nights!

room divider

Portable Dividers

For a no-fuss solution to privacy, portable dividers are your friend. With thousands of design options to choose from, you can pick what works for your dream spa scape. Some even come with planters to grow your own vines or favorite plants out of!


Privacy from neighbors is important for peace of mind during your soaks. These solutions are cheap, versatile, and relatively simple ways to have them saying, “is it something we said?” while you rest easy in the lull of the jets.


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