How to Prepare Your Summer Spa

Warmer days are on their way! Backyard barbecues, Summer nights, and long-awaited vacations are just within reach. Is your spa clean, maintenanced, and ready for a season full of friends and family?

Here are our tips on preparing your perfect Summer spa.


Drain: It may be time to drain and refill your spa with fresh water. After unplugging and ensuring the spa is off, locate and unscrew the drain cap, located at the bottom on the control panel side. The drain and its piping can be pulled out a few inches away from the shell. You can either let the water drain straight from there, or you can screw a garden hose onto the hose bib and route the water somewhere else. Make sure the water drains away from the spa and doesn’t pool around the equipment compartment. There will be a few inches of water leftover at the bottom. Remove using buckets, cups, towels, or a siphon hose.


Clean: Using warm water, mild soap, and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, wipe the spa down inside and out. Don’t forget the cover! Using the same mild soap and cloth or sponge, wipe down all parts of the cover. Rinse both the spa and cover with your garden hose, and re-drain the spa, ensuring all soap residue is gone. Remove the filter and thoroughly rinse it using ONLY water, making sure you get in-between all the folds. Replace. (Note: harsh chemicals, other cleaning agents, and abrasive materials can damage your spa’s shell! Mild soaps and warm water work very well.)


Tip: While your spa is empty, it’s the perfect time to make any adjustments to its placement or install a cover lifter. If moving your spa, double check that your power cord will reach the outlet before filling!


Fill & treat water: After ensuring there is no soapy residue left and the filter is back in place, refill until the water is 1” above the highest jet, but not more than 6” below the top of the spa. Test and treat your water accordingly.


Maintenance: Once your spa is refilled, open your equipment compartment and check for any leaks from loose fittings. Tighten any fittings that appear to have a leak. If you discover any problems, contact our customer service team for help at 888-961-7727 or

Accessories: With your refreshed spa and an exciting Summer ahead, your local dealer is sure to have the perfect accessories for your spa! Contact or visit your local dealer for cover lifters, steps, drinks trays, and more!


Once your spa is sparkling clean and filled with new, balanced water, plug it back in and prepare for fantastic Summer nights full of friends, family, and precious memories.

In addition to preparing your spa, don’t forget to treat yourself with Summer entertainment items! Now is the time to shop around for toys, games, yard décor, and maybe even a new grill for those endless Summer nights full of family fun.

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