Hot Tub Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Fact or fiction? There are tons of rumors about hot tubs and hot tub ownership out there. So, let’s bust three common hot tubs myths!

  1. Fact or Fiction? Rotomolded spas cut up your bathing suit.

Fiction! Rotomolded and acrylic hot tubs have different textures. Acrylic tubs are completely smooth while rotomolded tubs have the texture of an orange peel. Both are comfortable and bathing suit safe! If your rotomolded tub is extremely rough, there is an issue in the manufacturing. Fantasy Spas covers this unlikely event in our warranty.


  1. Fact or Fiction? ALL hot tubs are HEAVY!

Fiction! The lightest Fantasy hot tub, the Aspire, weighs 250 lbs. and the heaviest, the Entice, weighs 380 lbs. You can easily move any of our models with 3-4 friends. It’s comparable to moving a large sectional couch! Not convinced? Compare these rotomolded weights with acrylic tubs that can weigh more than 4,000 lbs.!


  1. Fact or Fiction? All hot tubs are 220v and require an electrician to install them for lots of $$$!

Fiction! All Fantasy Spas are 110v Plug-N-Play spas. This mean you simply add water and plug your Fantasy spa into any standard outlet! If you live in a colder climate or want to spend hours in your tub, it may be worth considering converting your 110v spa to a 220v spa. Upgrading to the higher voltage allows the heater and jets to run at the same time keeping you soaking all day! All of our hot tubs are able to be converted by a licensed electrician. Most acrylic spas on the market are only available as 220v. This means you’re required to get a licensed electrician to install them.


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