Hot Tub Safety Tips

Purchasing a spa is exciting for the whole family! Fantasy spas require minimal setup and maintenance, leaving more time for you to enjoy the befits of hot tubbing while keeping safety in mind.

Whether you will be using your spa solo or with friends and family, there are some very important safety tips to follow.

Always supervise children when they’re in or around the spa. The water is shallow, and they may know the rules, but you never know what adventures they have planned. Plus, this gives you an excuse to sit outside and relax or jump in the tub too!

Keep the cover on and locked when not in use. All Fantasy spas come with a thermal locking cover and cover locks. Besides helping to keep your water hot and clean from debris, keeping the cover on and clipped in place can deter any curios kids when parents are not around. Cover lifters (sold separately) also offer an extra measure of safety with a bar that runs across the cover to keep it locked in place.

Maintain a safe water temperatureThe maximum water temperature allowed for any spa is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter than that is considered a risk to your health. For people in hot areas or spas in direct sunlight, water temperature may rise significantly. Do not enter your spa if the temperature reads above 104 degrees. Additionally, small children and older adults may enjoy a longer and more comfortable soak around 98-100 degrees.

Know your limit. We know hot tubbing is fun and it’s hard to leave the comfortable water and soothing jets, especially on a cold day. However, long hot tub sessions can cause dehydration, dizziness, high heart rate, and more, as your body compensates for not being able to sweat properly. It’s best to hot tub in small increments, between 20-30 minutes.

Monitor your water! Keeping your chemicals balanced daily will ensure a safe and clean hot tubbing experience. Soaking in unbalanced water can cause skin irritation or other health problems. You can refer to our Quick Start Guide, the Owner’s Manual, as well as our YouTube channel to help you with water care. Fantasy spas are very easy to maintain with just a few steps to clean water.

Limit alcohol consumptionAlcohol alters your body mentally and physically, so it’s safest to not consume alcoholic beverages when in a spa. Drinking alcohol can also cause rapid dehydration when paired with soaking in hot water. If you do choose to indulge, be responsible and safe. Make sure to drink lots of water! Our Entice and Enamor models (both the Sport and Premier series) have a built-in cooler that can keep all your water and favorite drinks cold and within reach.

Hot tubbing is a safe and fun way to get the family together and spend quality time without electronics or distractions. It’s a tried-and-true way to bring people together and celebrate good times.

It’s also your time to be alone and decompress after the week’s hectic schedule. By following these six simple safety tips, you will enjoy your hot tubbing experience for many years to come.

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