Hot Tub Modes: Explained

Owning a Fantasy spa is both affordable and easy. It’s as simple as that. Each spa comes with 5 preset modes that you can access right from your control panel to help you keep your monthly energy costs low while still being able to enjoy the benefits of warm water. Swipe or click below to check out how each mode works to improve your hot tubbing experience.

STANDARD MODE (St): This is the default mode when you receive your hot tub. It maintains your desired temperature 24/7 by conducting an hourly water sampling check and heating when needed. If you decide to go in spur of the moment, your Plug-N-Play hot tub will be warmed up and ready to go. No more waiting for your tub to heat up!

SLEEP MODE (Sl): In this mode, your hot tub will heat the water up to the set temperature but only during the filtering cycles. You have the option to set each filter cycle to run anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours, with each cycle in increments of 30 mins. The shorter the filter cycle, the less energy used, therefore the less your energy bill is at the end of the month!

QUIET MODE (Nt): This mode is designed to quiet your hot tub throughout the night. The pump and filtration system will not conduct hourly water sampling after the last filtering cycle is completed each night. In the morning when the filtering cycle initiates, your hot tub will continue to run until the set temperature is met and it will continue to do hourly water sampling. This is yet another way you can lower your energy bill while still using your hot tub regularly.

ECONOMY MODE (Ec): What happens if you want it cooler for the summer months or if you’re gone for an extended period and won’t be using your spa regularly? Economy mode will heat the water normally during 2 filter cycles, but outside of these periods, the water temperature will be regulated 20°F below selected set temperature.

If you have it set at 80 (the lowest temperature), the hot tub won’t start heating until the water temperature drops below 60 degrees. Because your hot tub isn’t working to maintain a high temperature, your energy bill will be drastically lower.

SMART WINTER MODE (SWM): Winter is one of the best times to enjoy a relaxing, hot soak. The Smart Winter Mode is used to prevent water from freezing in the plumbing of the spa. As soon as there is a risk of freezing, this protection automatically kicks in! The best part? It will work on any mode you have your hot tub set to. If you don’t plan to use it during the cold winter season, winterizing your spa is easy and hassle free.

Wherever you live, or whatever your schedule is, we’ve got the right mode for you. Owning a hot tub shouldn’t mean years of saving, hours of maintenance, and water care headaches. Fantasy Spas makes it easy to own and maintain your personal paradise all year round.

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