How to Use Your Hot Tub 365 Days a Year

No matter what kind of climate you live in, there are certainly ways to enjoy your hot tub more than just a couple of seasons per year. Most people think hot tubbing is just for cooler temperatures, but they’re missing out on 365 days of fun and memories! Let’s break it down by season.



As Summer comes to a close and temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to get out your pumpkins and deck out your backyard for the spooky season. Turn the spa temperature up and enjoy a hot pumpkin latte and decadent fall treats paired with a warm soak in the tub. Make sure to let your costume party guests know to bring a bathing suit!



Sure, you may not want to hang around outside in a snowstorm or host a barbecue when it’s ice cold outside, but hot tubs are the perfect place to be when you start feeling the winter chills. Brush the snow off your thermal-locking cover and dip into the steamy oasis. Enjoy relief from stiff aches and pains brought on by the cold before retiring inside for coco and warm fires! Pro tip: We recommend placing your spa close to your house, so nobody needs to run through the snow to get to and from the spa.



The sun is finally out, and flowers are in bloom! It’s time to go back to school and shake off the holiday dust. During those gentle spring showers, why not relax outside in your own private hot tub? Spring temperatures vary around the world, so make sure to set your desired temperature before climbing in. Plus, who doesn’t love hot tubbing in the rain?


Did you know you can use your hot tub as a cool tub too? Consider a shaded area or portable patio umbrellas to ward off the sun. For scorching summer days, turn your tub’s temperature down to the lowest setting (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and enjoy a refreshing dip. For an added bit of fun, throw a few bags of ice cubes into the tub. The same thermal insulation and locking cover that keeps your tub hot can also keep it cool! You can refresh the tub with cold hose water on the days or nights you decide to jump in after a day in the Summer sun.


So, when is the best time to take a dip in your hot tub? Anytime! With Fantasy Spas, you can experience relief from daily aches and pains and enjoy relaxing soaks with loved ones in your tub year-round.


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