Guide to Hot Tub Placement in Any Setting

Thinking about getting a hot tub, but not sure where to put it? We’ve got a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing the perfect place for your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment.

If you live in an area that gets bad weather, we suggest placing your hot tub right outside your door. If you put your hot tub in a place where the view is beautiful, but you have to walk in snow to get there, you won’t use your hot tub as much as you desired.

If you live in an area where weather is not a concern, consider the following factors when placing your new spa:

  1. Usage Will you use your hot tub for entertaining friends? Or is it intended to be more of a solitary place to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy?
    Socialization If entertaining is more your thing, look for an open area to place your spa. This will allow people in the spa to interact with those outside the hot tub. And, it makes the spa the star of your party!
    Relaxation If your goal is more “me time,” then consider finding a private or secluded part of the yard. If no such space exists, create it! Place a few tall potted plants or a privacy screen around your spa for an instant oasis.
  2. Access to Equipment Compartment Are you considering building your spa into a deck or placing it up against a wall? Remember to rotate the spa so the equipment compartment door faces out. This will save you a headache if you need to get into the equipment compartment for maintenance.
  3. Path of the Sun You can (and should) enjoy hot tubbing at any time of the day. To do this, consider how the sun hits your placement spot in the morning, afternoon, and evening. To be comfortable during all times of the day, rotate or move the spa a bit to make sure the sun isn’t in your eyes or beating down on you.
  4. Hop-in-ability This highly technical industry term refers to the ease with which one is able to get into their hot tub. Hop-in-ability is super important when it comes to actually using your spa. If your spa is easy to get into, you will use and enjoy it more than if it is a chore to get into every time you want to take a soak. Consider placing it directly outside a door or close to the house with a clear pathway from your door to the spa.

And Don’t Forget…

  • Always put your spa on a structurally sound, level (within ½” per 10’) surface. A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of a filled spa before adding water.
  • Locate your equipment compartment and choose a place where water will drain away from it. Allowing water into the equipment compartment can damage the electronics or trip a circuit breaker.
  • Leave yourself easy access to the circuit breakers in the subpanel (230v converted models) or to the GFCI on the end of the power cord (110v models).
  • Never let water get into the subpanel (230v converted models), GFCI (110v models), or electrical outlet that your spa is plugged into.
  • Leave access to the equipment compartment for periodic spa care and maintenance.

Now that you’ve picked the best spot for your spa, it’s time to select your perfect spa!  

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