It’s Friday night, and you’re supposed to meet friends at that new restaurant in town. But it’s half an hour away, you’ll probably have to parallel park, and Carol is bringing her weird friend again. The couch is calling your name and all your video streaming services are ready to be browsed. So, you decide to stay home, and feel oh-so-relieved with your decision.

This is called FOGO, or “fear of going out.” It’s FOMO’s more realistic, introverted brother. (FOMO meaning “fear of missing out.”) It’s what happens on those days and nights when we would rather just stay in than deal with the hassles of the outside world.


While FOMO has been a popular term for years now, many people are resonating with FOGO in modern times instead. After over a year of staying at home, the outside world can seem more daunting than ever—and your couch more welcoming.

With modern comforts like the internet, video streaming services, hi-tech workout equipment, larger-than-life televisions, interactive and virtual reality video games, and more, leaving the house for exercise or entertainment has become less and less necessary. That’s great news for FOGO-ers!


If you’re looking for another reason to stay home, look no further than a Fantasy spa. All models are Plug-N-Play, meaning they just plug into any standard outlet! They can also fit on the smallest of balconies or in the largest of outdoor spaces.

The Aspire is perfect for 1-2 FOGO-ers with small spaces to work with, while the Enamor is great for larger families or FOGO-ers who just want more space.


Creating your own private oasis at home with a spa not only gives you, well, a private oasis, but also provides an excellent excuse to stay home.


To embrace your FOGO with your own Fantasy spa, click here to find a dealer near you.

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