Battle Symptoms of Depression with Hot Tubbing

We all know that soaking in a hot tub is fun and relaxing, and it helps to unwind and destress after a long day. But the benefits of hot tubbing go far beyond relaxation. (Though relaxation is benefit enough to hot tub, in our humble opinion!)

Did you know that there are bona fide benefits to your mental well-being that can be found amongst the warm, bubbling water, too?

Check out our list of top ways hot tubbing can benefit your mental health.

  • Improve Your State of Mind. This one seems obvious, right? If I can carve out some “me time” each day to relax in a hot tub, of course my state of mind will improve. Well, we’ve got some proof that “me time” is worth it! Hot tubs use hydrotherapy to massage and relax muscles while relieving pressure on the nerves. This serves to boost circulation and speed-up the body’s natural healing process. All that relaxation and release of accumulated stress help to improve our mental state and combat symptoms of depression.
  • Boost Your Mood. Did you know that a daily hot tub soak can have a more positive impact on your mood than a workout? Health Magazine recently shared a survey from University of Freiburg that found that those who consistently soaked in warm water had lower levels of depression than those who exercised, based on a commonly used depression scale. The study broke participants into two groups. The first group soaked in 104-degree water for 30 minutes daily, while the other group exercised for 40-45 minutes twice a week. After an 8-week trial period, the study concluded that soaking in warm water was a more effective mood booster than exercise. Now, we’re not suggesting you ditch the cardio or skip your strength day. But, if you need a mood booster and the gym isn’t giving you that bump you want, try a 30-minute daily soak to test the results yourself. Want to do even more good for your body? Take that soak in a hot tub (instead of a warm bath) and add the hydrotherapy release, too!
  • Enhance Your Quality of Sleep. Researchers believe that, by regularly increasing participants’ body temperature, they were able to improve circadian rhythms, which improved the quality of sleep and lessened symptoms of depression. Because the circadian rhythm controls the body’s waking, sleeping and eating cycles, when disrupted, it can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia or excessive sleeping, both of which are common symptoms of those suffering from depression. Add some warm water to your routine to increase your body temperature about sixty to ninety-minutes before bedtime. You’ll give your body the time it needs to warm up and then start cooling down, signaling to your heart, lungs and other organs that it’s time to drift away into a restful sleep.

Mental health is such an important part of overall wellness, and for many people, it’s a daily struggle. There are traditional ways to treat these conditions as well as natural options to help improve your state of mind. Although soaking in warm water cannot treat depression, it can help with some of the symptoms.

Next time you need to focus on your mental health, why not sit back, relax and enjoy the hydrotherapy?

Need even more convincing? Think about how much you pay for your gym membership every month… For as little as $60/month you could own a hot tub and potentially see an improvement in your mood, mental health and overall wellness.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hot tubbing and you’re thinking about trying one out, click here to find your local retailer and take a test soak!

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