5 Ways to Maximize Your Next Netflix® & Chill Weekend

Have your weekends become so repetitive that you end up doing the same things over and over? Do you crave something new but still want to recover from the week gone by so that you are fresh for the new week ahead? We can totally relate!

Social get-togethers, doing chores, and going out are all great options but sometimes we’re looking for something more low-key and just a bit different. If you think “outside the box,” you can get some satisfying rest and relaxation in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank.

Spice up your next “Netflix®& chill” night with these tips:

Dine in your PJs

Skip the food shopping, prep and clean up, and order your favorite meal in with Uber® Eats, the easy way to get the food you love delivered to your home. It’s just like ordering an Uber® to take you to your favorite restaurant, but with Uber® Eats, your Uber® delivers that food you crave. It’s fast, efficient, and great for those nights you don’t feel like cooking. Plus, your Uber® Eats driver won’t care if you answer the door in your pajamas.

Have A Marathon

No, we’re not suggesting you lace up the running shoes, at least not now. This article is called “Netflix® & chill” for a reason. Enjoy a few episodes of whatever series you’re currently binging on. If you’re more of a movie person, pick your favorite actor and watch their latest flick. Better yet, watch your favorite actor’s early movies for a throwback marathon.

Play a Game

Gather your roommates or spouse together for an adult game night. Try something modern like Cards Against Humanity® for offensive but ridiculously hilarious phrases. Do you love online memes? Then check out What Do You Meme?®, which challenges you to match creative captions and images to hysterical memes. Find out how truly disturbed your group really is with Disturbed Friends®.

Pamper Yourself

Light some candles and put on a hydrating face mask. Find a drink of your choice and let the detox begin. It’s all about that personal wellness! Just a little bit of “me time” attention will leave your skin glowing. For added fun, try this with your significant other. It’s both silly and relaxing. Plus, men need soft skin, too!

Hot Tub Soak

Follow up the face mask with some soak time in your hot tub and you’ve created the perfect in-home spa in your backyard oasis. End the night outdoors, looking up at the stars or jammin’ out to your favorite songs. Turn on the jets for some hydrotherapy action and set the lights to complement the mood. Enjoy the calm of the warm water and prepare for a great night of sleep.

This list is a great start but we know there are lots of fun options to take your “Netflix® & chill” night up a notch. Share your ideas on how to make weekends at home more fun.

Intrigued by the thought of adding a Fantasy Spas hot tub to your next Netflix® & chill weekend? Check out a local spa retailer for a test soak!

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