3 Reasons to Buy a Round Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes, but which one is the best? While it’s up to personal preference, here are 3 reasons why we love a round hot tub.

Fantasy Spas Splendor

Barrier-Free Seating

When everybody can face each other without awkwardly contorting their bodies, conversations flow much easier. This also makes it easier for people to join in on the conversation from outside the spa – just slide over a few inches so they can join the circle! And, you gain the freedom to sit wherever and however you please, as well as the ability to pack more friends and family into the spa! Without designated seating and barriers, the possibilities are endless.

Whirlpool Jet

For those of us who don’t quite love the feeling of jets, the whirlpool feature of round tubs allows you to experience calm yet soothing water movement. Plus, kids love watching their toys swirl round and round, and adults can even use a floating drink tray with the whirlpool feature on – the drinks will make their own rounds!

Classic Look

Round spas have a more classic, traditional look, which some spa owners love! Round spas can fit nicely in any space, whether nestled in a corner or out in the open. Besides the control panel, there is no designated “front” or “back,” allowing you to turn and place the spa however you would like without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space.


Ready for a round tub? Check out the Splendor! This Plug-N-Play spa has:

  • Room for 5 (or more!)
  • Barrier-free seating
  • Cool-down seat
  • Powerful whirlpool jet
  • 18 hydrotherapy jets
  • Multi-use tray

What’s not to love? Gather your loved ones in the Splendor for well-rounded nights of fun.

Contact your local dealer today for pricing and availability.

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