3 Quick Ways to Turn Your Rental Into Your Oasis

As housing prices continue to rise, more Americans than ever before are turning to renting their homes instead of buying. Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a space with personal touches that truly makes it your escape from the world.

Here are three quick ways to add a touch of your own style to any rental without fear of losing that deposit.

  • Freshen up the color scheme. Break up the monotony of a single color across the entire rental by adding a splash of paint. Pick a fun color for just one accent wall in your main living space. Or, go big with a bold new color in your bedroom. As long as you feel at home in your space, that’s all that matters. Of course, check with your landlord first. You will probably need to paint it back to the original color before you leave.
  • Decorate your shelves and walls! A room is so much more than just four walls, especially when you add personal affects like family photos, custom artwork, or clocks. Accessories can make all the difference. Add temporary shelving to feature your favorite knickknacks or keepsakes from your travels. Build a bookshelf stuffed with your favorite reads – fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks. Make it a reflection of your eclectic (or singular) passion and it’ll start to feel like home in no time.
  • Add a water feature. Just because you are renting, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little, too. Did you know that there are hot tubs that fit onto balconies, plug into a standard outlet, and are lightweight and durable enough to move yourself without fear of breaking it? Some even fit on the back of a pickup truck or in a minivan. That means you can indulge in the benefits of hydrotherapy without worry of expensive wiring, permanent placement in a temporary house, or space constraints. Best of all, you can purchase a hot tub for as little as less than $100/month!

Three quick and simple steps can make any rental feel like your own personal escape from the outside world.

Go ahead! Make your current home your dream home, no matter how long you live there.

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